UBAN does angel deals between 5-20k USD in Ugandan startups

We know- there are good founders & good ideas. But- pre-seed deals rarely happen. Founders need both cash + good advice- we're here for that.

Annual Startup Target
Annual Deployment Target

For Startups

How UBAN invests in Uganda

Mentorship to grow. Cash to build. Strategy to raise abroad.

Target Group

Great founding teams building high-growth software startups. Exit-driven, fast executers. All sectors but certain members with a preference to FinTech and SaaS.


We invest in straight equity or SAFEs & help you set up abroad. We help you build traction, raise money abroad, and want to exit in your Series A or Series B.


Several angels invest in your startup together. Angels can participate with 1k USD+ per deal (We do deals of 5k USD+). Partners might match our investments 2:1 or 3:1 as grants.


We work within an ecosystem, as well as with partners, giving us more bang for our effort.

  • StartHub Africa


    We leverage entrepreneurship as a tool to enable young people to build the futures they want to see. Our vision is unlock the potential of changemakers to create innovative and scalable businesses across Africa.

  • Catalytic Africa

    Matching Fund

    Catalytic Africa is a matching fund by the African Business Angels Network (ABAN) and AfriLabs that aims to strengthen African startups, innovation hubs, and angel investors while delivering impact results to institutional funders.

For Members

We believe that there are investable tech startups in Uganda. Join Us.

We are individuals interested in tech and the Ugandan startup ecosystem. We aim to make a return and a difference I establishing Uganda as a startup hub.


UBAN has an annual membership fee of 300USD. We co-invest, learn, build pipeline, and do due diligence together. A guiding minimum to invest per year is around 5000 USD.

UBAN Offers

We have done our legal and tax homework for you to join and invest with us. For now, members support with pipeline and operations. Over time, this will be managed by the network.


Angel investing is a high-risk high-return activity. You should not commit more than a guiding 10-20% of your net-worth (excluding primary residence). Building a portfolio to mitigate risk is key.


The core team, comprised of primarily the founding members helps facilitate connections and deals.

  • Matthius Möbius

    Matthius Möbius

    Team Lead

    Co-founder & Head of Catalyzer Program at StartHub Africa. Passionate about building ecosystems that enable entrepreneurs to thrive.

  • Ham Namakajjo

    Ham Namakajjo


    Strategy professional with exceptionally strong analytical and quantitative skills.

  • Collins Mbulakyalo

    Collins Mbulakyalo


    Huge fan of Startups and Communities who is trying to build the web, one block of code at a time. I hit keyboard keys to write lines of code on a daily.


Moudling an Early Stage Ecosystem in Uganda.

The Uganda Business Angel Network (UBAN) is a group of individuals from the Ugandan Tech space investing in high-growth ventures through equity and SAFEs.

We believe there are investable tech startups of high quality in Uganda and aim to support founders and startups by primarily providing;

  1. Capital.
  2. Mentorship, guidance and access to a pool of experience professionals to navigate your journey with you.

Founded in 2023, we expect to work with 5 startups in our first year and accelerate our investments over time. We also continue to build our pool of investors and professionals in our network.

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